I got into a BFA program! But what does that mean?

In the world of professional theatre, the BFA (or Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree

Is the highest degree one can obtain other than a Master’s of course. Having one

means that I’ll be headed towards Broadway or Hollywood or somewhere similar

right off the bat. All of the top actors on Broadway have it and now I will be on the

road to get one myself.

Yesterday my cell phone went off but I did not recognize the number. Personally,

I don’t answer when I don’t recognize the number so I let it ring. Then I get a voicemail

and I’m like, “OK.” I listen to it and it’s this guy named Sam Waters from UCf’s theatre

department and he says to call him back. Now at this point I’m thinking, “No, it can’t

be what I think it is.” That would be TOO unbelievable. Regardless, I call him back and

he says that a while ago a recieved a letter saying that I was an “Alternate” for the BFA,

meaning if someone acccepted drops out then I could be the replacement. Well, anyways,

he goes on to say that I have indeed been called upon to fill the spot!!!!! I thanked him,

hung up the phone, and since I was home alone proceeded to jump around the house-

on the couches ahootin’ and ahollerin’ about my amazing fortune! I was so flabbergasted

that when I called Mr. Rupe I was just plain out of breath. I then called my mom and

Roger and spread it all over Facebook. My dream of becoming a great actor suddenly

looked very possible. Last night in honor of my acceptance I watched two movies of

one of the greats I admire most, Marlon Brando. I watched On the Waterfront and

Guys and Dolls. A fitting night.

Now I am super excited but I know it’s going to be tough. The BFA is so highly regarded

because it is so rigorous and time consuming. I spoke to a professor who said that

girlfriends are only tolerable while part time jobs and double majors are right out.

I simply will not have time. But it is what I want. UCF’s season this year includes

Doubt and Proof, two highly acclaimed dramas that I would like to do very much.

And now I’m in a position to make that happen. Now I’m in a position to put my name

next to the legends one day:

Barrymore. Gable. Flynn. Cagney. Bogart. Tracy. Stewart. Clift. Holden. Brando. Dean.

Newman. Hoffman. Nicholson. Pacino. DeNiro. Cruise? DiCaprio…


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