Career Goals

When we’re little we often go through a plethora of fantasies about what we’re going to be when we grow up. As I am about to begin college this August andwork to achieve one of those fantasies, it’s got me thinking about those days of my youth when I had many a varied dream. Here’s the rundown. (In order to the best of my memory).

1. T.V. Weatherman- Later on I would know this profession as Meteorology.

2. Meterologist 

3. Boat Maker- That is what I called it back then. I really just wanted to work in a boat factory.

4. Football player- Specifially a quaterback for the Miami Dolphins. This was a big one, I wanted to go to the University of Miami and everything.

5. Paleontologist (Thank you Jurassic Park)

6. Archeologist (Thank you Indiana Jones)

7. Herpetologist (Thank you Steve Irwin)

8. Wildlife Documentarian

9. Zoologist

Basically, I just wanted to be a scientist.

10. Comic book artist- I would spend HOURS drawing Spider-Man all my favorite heros in order to work at Marvel one day.

11. Baseball player- Specifically play for the New York Yankees. This one lasted a long time- right into high school.

12. Actor- Either on Broadway or in Hollywood, eventually just making movies. This is now my current passion since 9th grade and I don’t think I’ll be changing my mind anymore.

13. Writer- Specifically scripts for stage and screen. 

14. Bartender- Not as a career but as something on the side.

15. President- Later when I retire from acting. Like Reagan.

*16. National Park Ranger- Dream job.   

So there you have it, my ambitions new and old.


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