Another Night, Another Dream

So I have decided to catalogue my most vivid dreams here on wordpress. As always, names with be changed to protect the guilty.

So at my house I have a couple of guests over. It’s late and they include Victoria, Denzel, and Heather among some others who I can’t remember. Well we’re all sitting around laughing and joking when suddenly Victoria put her head on my lap, like laying down (we were on a couch). Of course I then put my hand on her arm and what not.

Needless to say, Victoria seems to be flirting with me and I’m very much caught off guard. Yeah, I find her attractive but this was the first night we had really met. Eventually the party, like so many other social gatherings, turns to watching a movie. I do not recall the name of the film, just that it was a comedy with Charlton Heston and a fat comedian who apparently wasn’t as good as John Farley (John Candy and Chris Farley combo). Regardless, it’s dark and Victoria and I are sitting together on this couch when I notice out of the corner of my eye her looking at me. Naturally I turn and face her but as soon as I do she turns and faces front. We play this game for a while until I turn to look at her and she keeps looking at me. We hold this moment until she inexplicably leans in and kisses me on the mouth. Now it wasn’t a make out but it wasn’t a peck either. You know, one of those tender sultry wet ones that kinda linger after it’s over. But when it was over I couln’t help myself and put my hand around her head and kissed her myself.

At this point she gave me the bird.

Why? Because I had a girlfriend and I knew it. Instantly I was swamped in guilt and put my head down. When I did that however, she raised my chin up and kissed me yet again. After that the gathering adjourned and everyone left. Victoria and I, however, knew that this was just the beginning.


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