Messed Up Dream

Here goes another dream from another night in my mind.

I was at home with a few friends, among them two girls named Sandy and Dolores. Now if you know me then you know how important these two dames have been in my life this past year. And if you know them you know that they don’t exactly see eye to eye on some things- including me. Anyways, Dolores asked a question about whether or not a hotel would reimburse you if you decide not to stay in the hotel after paying for it, in the event of you having to leave suddenly due  to an emergency. A fair question but she was wording pragmatically and I kept asking her, “What are you trying to say?” Sandy on the other hand was telling her flat out no, not that that’s a problem it’s just she had this superior attitude towards Dolores which was even getting on my nerves. Dolores noticed this too and started to get upset because people were treating her like an idiot. I completely sympathized with Dolores. “How do you know?” Dolores demanded. “Because I bar tend there.” Sandy retorted. This useless bickering continued.

Then I lost it.

I started yelling all of a sudden about how completely imature I thought both of them were. Finally I yelled, “Neither of you is better than the other!!” and stormed out into my backyard kicking things. Whilst outside I spied Armando (who I hadn’t seen in forever) after the greetings I told him the story I just told you. However, I told him that me lashing out like that was completely acting. Normally, I said, I just keep my anger and frustration inside but when I do act like I’m furious then people respond. This is true in real life too, I’ve found.

Either way, I don’t really remember what happened after that but everything else was enough for one night.


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