Hannam Holiday Classics

From Thanksgiving to Christmas there are those holiday-themed films that everyone loves. Everyone has there own personal favorites, the movies where it just would not be Christmas without. My household is no exception. These movies make the Holidays that much more special, when your family all congregates on the couches around TV, snuggled in the warm glow of the Christmas tree. The following pictures are the ones that have that effect for me.

And no, this doesn’t include such favorites as Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, The Year Without a Santa Claus, etc. Not only do they go without saying, but because those lovable claymation masterpieces are also TV specials, not movies. But other than that here we go!

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946, Jimmy Stewart)

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989, Chevy Chase)

Scrooged (1988, Bill Murray)

Home Alone and Home Alone 2 (1990 and 1992, Macaulay Culkin/ Joe Pesci)

A Christmas Story (1983)

Holiday Inn (1942, Bing Crosby/ Fred Astaire)

White Christmas (1954, Bing Crosby/ Danny Kaye)

Jingle All The Way (1996, Phil Hartman/ Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Miracle on 34th Street (1947, Natalie Wood/ Maureen O’Hara)

A Christmas Carol (T.V. 1999, Patrick Stewart)

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (1987, Steve Martin/ John Candy)

And of course, as the wild card, I have to include The  Muppet Christmas Carol (1992, Michael Caine/ Frank Oz)

So please, feel free to share some of your favorites and have a Holly Jolly Christmas!


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