Cockney Slang

All my life I’ve heard my dad occasionally drop a rhyme hear and there as part of his Cockney rhyming slang. This “language” developed in the East End of London and being as my dad grew up in those particular neighborhoods, it comes naturally to him.

Now you can go through any dick ‘n’ harry of Cockney slang and be presented with thousands of rhymes, many of which you’ll never actually hear spoken. There are a lot, however, that are standard and sure enough my dad says them the most.

Hear on this blog, I will record the Cockney rhymes I come across that stand out to me; whether my dad says them or I come across them in a dick ‘n’ harry, I will try to incorporate them into my own vocabulary.

tom tit- shit (a very popular one I’ve learned, my dad says it a lot- “The dog went for a tom tit on the carpet!”)

pen and ink- stink

fireman’s hose- nose

threepenny bits- tits

pork pies- lies

raspberry tart- fart

daisy roots- boots

mince pies- eyes

pig’s ear- beer

dick ‘n’ harry- dictionary

brown bread- dead

laugh and joke- smoke


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