Do You Live in Florida? R.I. #1

Original Date: September 25, 2000

Style: Non-Fiction, 3.5 Essay

Score (1-5): N/A

Do you live in Florida? I do and I love it because we have Universal Studios, Beaches, and some of the best football teames.

The first reason Florida is the best is because we have Universal Studios. They have one awsome ride I like is Jaws. Once when I was on Jaws we were on the boat I new he was some where. Then I saw it the fin of doom! Then out of no were he came up. His mouth was the size of a Double Decker Bus! Universal Studios is fun! And I like Nickelodeon. I saw slime and I played a Rugrats vido game. another ride I like is Men in Black Alien Attack. There were a lot of alians. You have a laser and you get points for how many alians you shoot. It felt like I was realy in the movie!

Another reason I think Florida is fantastic is because of the wonderful beaches. I like the beach because you can go snorkling and see tropical fish, coral reefs, and maybe a harmless Wobbygong shark! I also like the beach because you can find shark teeth. Like Mako shark, Tiger shark, Great White or maybe a Megolodon tooth! Once when I was out hunting I found a truck loade of teeth and once I was sitting on a whopper tooth. Another thing I like about the beach is surfing. I realy dont no how to surf but I like to pretend I’ am surfing on my boogie bord and say things like colubunga! I love the beach.

The final reason I love Florida is the football teams. My favorite teames are from Florida the Buccaneers, Jaguars, and the mighty Dolphins. I like the Buccs because they win most games. There biggest win was 41-0. But they lose some on sunday they played the Jets. The Buccs lost 24-17. I like the Jaguars for the same reason I like the Buccs. They win most the time but lose to. On Monday Night football they lost against the Colts forty somethin to twelve. Then come my most favorite teame the Dolfins. I love the the Dolfins because of Dan Marino star qarterback. Marinos uniform is so spiecial no one on the Dolfins can wear is number thirteen. I love football.

As a result Florida is the best because we have Universal Studios, Beaches, and exelent football teams. If you dont live there I suggest you move!


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