Romancing the Arts

My whole life, in essence, has been sculpted (pun intended) by the arts. Everything that falls under “art” has been duly represented in various aspects of my life, for my entire existence. It might go without saying, but the arts have had a whole-full and wonderful
influence on my eighteen years. My first flirtations with art came early on I was signed up to take art classes at my local community theatre. I loved drawing, and when I was old enough to read comic books I aspired to become an artist- totally content with drawing Spider-man for the rest of my life. Of course, this fling blossomed into a full-fledged romance with the graphite and page. Then one day, music entered my life and I fell into a three-year affair with the alto saxophone. The curves, the buttons, the evoking wail of passion from the mouthpiece had me at hello. Alas, the marriage with the pencil was erased (pun intended). However, even the alto sax could not last and perhaps the third time really is the charm because the Dramatic Arts soon appeared and have been in my life now for five years. Now, do I regret those past relationships? Not at all. As Dean Martin put it, “I’d gladly make the same mistake again.” How can I not appreciate what art, music, and drama have for me? With these mediums I have been able to break free from my shell of shyness (especially with acting) and embrace the warmth of friendships with so many people. I truly am blessed with the companions I’ve made through the arts.
Consequently, the arts have more or less forced me to mature and become a far better person that I would’ve otherwise- determination, patience, a solid work ethic, and a true appreciation for what can be done with a little bit of elbow grease and imagination. Mankind’s history is marked by the accomplishments of artists and it is on this canvas (pun intended) of humanity that I aspire to became an indubitable contributor.

As my life continues to unfold the arts of all kinds will continue to positively reinforce the life skills they have already bestowed upon me. This year I will be going to a university to pursue a career in theatre- Broadway and the Silver Screen won’t always be a fantasy of mine. Another style of the arts- writing- I have brainstormed (pun intended) about as another bucket for the basting of my
creative juices. I especially love playwriting and I hope one day this, coupled with acting, can not only support me but transfer a little bit of joy, sincerity, and social commentary to the audiences of my work.

Throughout my life I have had many lovers in the forms of art, music, drama, and writing. While all different and unique in their own way, they all share one indelible characteristic- that they have the power to seduce the minds of men. They are a fixture of our worldly conscience- an enduring feature of our history, a unifying force that brings men of all creeds together in either frivolity or tragedy. Certainly, the arts have done this for me and I pray to the Muses that they continue to do all that throughout my seven stages.

Thank you.

February 1, 2009


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