Miss Hunter’s Garden (RI #2)

Original Date: November 2, 2000

Style: Fiction

Score (1-5): N/A

“Vincent”! “Yes mother” I replied. “Breakfast is on the table”. “I’am going shopping” “I’ll be back at noon” my mom said. As soon as I heard the big pickuptruck roll away I zoomed out the door like a race car to meet Kenny my friend at Main St.

“What took you?” Kenny said. “My mom” I replied. “Want to go bug hunting” he asked. Me and Kenny love bugs it’s one favorite hobbys. “But we hunted everwhere” I complande. “Everywhere but Miss Hunters garden”. He was right. “But it’s always locked” I told him. “Well lets go anyway” he said. “Okay” I told him. But when we got there what we saw was astonishing. The gate was open!

When we steped in “Bang”! The gate shut. Then we saw a elf. He was whearing a green shirt, red hat, and a pair of funny glasses. “What your name” we both said at once. “Midget” he answered. “Want to see the town”. “Shore”. In the town there was a candy shop, toy store, and a barber shop. And a elf in each one.

“I be right back” Midget told us. When he came back he had pieces of gum. We ate them greedily. Then all of a sudden we were sleepping like a bat. When we awoke what we were in terrified us we were in a jail cell! And what also horrified us was Midget with the keys! “Midget we screamed at him. “Yes”. “Why did you lock us up like animals”! “Because!” he shouted at us like a lions roar. “Because of my name” now in a calmer voice. “I dont no why my parents named me Midget”. “But nomore insalsts”. “Because I plan to lock everybody in the world in prison!” “Hey Miiiidget” streching out the word to bug him. “What” he said. “If you let us go weell do anything you want us to do”. “Deal” he replied without thinking. He let us out and “Bonk”! I hit him on the head with my fist. We dashed out the door thru the town we past the Candy store, past the Barber shop, and finally past the Toy store out the gate. We dident stop running until we both got to are homes. Kenny called me that night. “Hey did you tell your parents”. “No” I replied “lets just keep this are little secrate.”


2 thoughts on “Miss Hunter’s Garden (RI #2)

  1. I agree. Modern rendition is much needed. You should release one every other week or something like that 😛

    Story was great, except for the escape, which was a little lack luster. However, I guess this could have been an implication of sexual favors (which midget so kindly informed us he did not get very often due to the fact people were much to busy making fun of him) so if one looks at the hidden meaning of the ending, I guess it is suffice.

    ZACK RATING: 4 out 5

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