A Spectacular Day (RI #3)

Original Date: November 7, 2000

Style: Non-Fiction

Score (1-5): N/A

One Day I had a spectacular day. But it realy was a week. I went to London, England.

When I was on the plane I had fun. There was a T.V. in each of the the back seats. I was watching a movie peaple were fighting giant bugs. It was a two day trip. I had a icecream cone. The only things I dident like was when I throuup and when my ears popped. “Pop”!

When we arrived we left the airport and went outside to wait for the bus. Witch seemed like forever! from there we went to go rent a car witch we bearly use atoll. Because we stayed with my dad’s sister and her husband owns a Double Decker Bus and a taxi. We often travled in them.

The best things I think was when I had my birthday there. It seemed like everywhere we went I had a birthday my favorite cake was a pig cake my dad’s sister made me.

I love England I hope we can go again someday.


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