My E-Mail to The Amazing Spider-Man

Dear Creative Team Behind the Amazing Spider-Man,

First off, I just want to congratulate you guys on several really superb and touching story lines. 1.) #617 with the Rhino 2.) The “One Moment in Time” arch and 3.) the “Grim Hunt” story, which is probably the greatest thing I’ve ever read in Amazing since well, “Kraven’s Last Hunt.”

I really want to stress how much I love the writing in this book. “One Moment in Time” and the Rhino both had my eyes well up and “Grim Hunt” had me on the edge of my seat with every cliff hanger.

But now I want to stress something else: The artwork I see most of the time occurring in Amazing. I’ve tried to be a good subscriber and just let it slide, occasionally being treated to the kind of art that this book- scratch that- this Flagship Book deserves (such as in the previously mentioned stories). Whenever I open an issue with Electro and Sandman (two of my most favorite villains!) and see everyone drawn as overweight and disproportionate I liken it to the cartoons I see in the Funny Papers or when I was pursuing my dream of being a Marvel artist in third grade. As someone who loves Spider-Man more than anything else, I just want it to be published with the mindset that this title is more than a Howard the Duck comic. It is The Amazing Spider-Man; your most popular character, your most far-reaching story, SO WHY NOT PUT THE MOST DETAILED AMAZING ARTWORK INTO IT. (Sorry for the caps, but this means a lot to me)

And don’t tell me it is not possible because I read Captain America too and can clearly see the time and effort put into those characters.

I hope I didn’t turn you off with all that, and I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone, I just really admire and care for the adventures of Peter and the ol’ red and blue duds.

Thank you so very much,
Vincent Hannam
Orlando, Florida



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