A Dream Called Perseverance

Last night I had a dream and like all of my dreams, it was very vivid and detailed; so much so that I can even quote myself.

This one involves me driving to Chicago, a city I have always wanted to visit. I’m alone in the car on the Interstate when I decide to take a random exit, in order to experience a-less-direct route. And that’s another thing about me- always opting for the road less traveled.

As soon as I get off the Interstate, however, I realize that I’m not liking where this road is going. It is becoming a pretty tall overpass, and while I have a fear of heights, I don’t have problems with driving on overpasses. Except this one was really tall and as I’m driving, it steeply angles up to practically a 90 degree angle. Of course it was not exactly 90 degrees or I wouldn’t have been able to keep the wheels on the asphalt, but it was as close to 90 as could be.

I’m just driving up now, terrified that me and the car are just going to fall. At one point I even grab the guard rails as I’m driving, just in case, because I started to feel the front tires pick off the ground. I even say out loud, “Of all roads in America you pick this one!” I’m really kicking myself for this one.

Eventually, gradually, the road levels out and I drive into a cold downtown shrouded in overcast, but the traffic light is green.

Now, I don’t know if that was supposed to be Chicago or not but I feel like I can take a lot away from this scenario. As someone who sees dreams for more than just sleeping brain activity, I feel like last night revealed a lot about my goals and ambitions, and that I will persevere no matter how daunting the route may seem.


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