Blood and Wine


RUDY: Who’s to say what’s “immoral” these days. Who’s to blame? One guy with a gun is just as bad as another. The only difference being the badge they may or may not be wearing. Thirty years ago I had that tin on my lapel. As a fresh rookie on the Force, who’s respect was only earned through the legacy of his father. I got away with shit and was put up with only because my Old Man’s name was on the Station. Yeah, I had real big shoes to fill. So go ahead and ask me about the bribes, the extortion, and everything else you’ve already read in your files there. You can say I’m the biggest irony to come out of the Academy since Paul Donato.

DETECTIVE: Now that he’s out of the way.

RUDY: Don’t act like your coffee doesn’t smell a little sweeter now. You pigs were waiting years for me to take care him for you. You’ll get a nice big promotion eh, detective?

DETECTIVE: He betrayed you, Rudy.

RUDY: He was a friend and gave me everything I have! How could I be such a sucker, falling for that old set up… His shallow breath told me the truth… I should have seen your reflection in his fading eyes, you motherfucker. I may not be able to now, but I promise you this detective; when I see you stroll past my cell, I’m going to carve the immoral heart out of your chest with the first knife, can-opener, or goddamn toothbrush I get a hold of.

And then you’ll have a real reason to send me to the chair.


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