Artsy Fartsy

Tonight I went to a cafe called Natura by UCF. And it’s exactly what you’re thinking it is- a small, loud, crowded, hookah-smoke filled bar with a few lounge couches and a small stage. But I really did love it.

Recently I have been craving just such an atmosphere and was blown away that there was a place literally two minutes away from my house. I missed Jazz night on Wednesday but tonight I was able to catch the open mic session and stayed there until one o’clock listening to some great hard rock acts. Local guys who are shredding some insane guitars and pounding some heavy drums. I just soaked it all up and thoroughly enjoyed it, especially since I was there with even better company- [shout out!] Roger, Terrance, Bryant, Danielle, and Shay!

And that was just tonight. Sunday nights are for poetry, Mondays are the film nights and so on and so forth. Therefore, with that said, I will definitely be wanting to be a regular this summer and beyond.


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