Musical Theatre Voice Final *gulp*

Musical Theatre Voice Final *gulp*

Today I had my Musical Theatre Voice I final and despite my nerves it went really well. Like, shockingly well. I sang two songs: “Hand for the Hog” from Big River and “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful…?” from Cinderella. Now, I am not known for my musical prowess so I have been working really hard all semester (especially on the latter, as well as “Money” from Cabaret, which I did not sing for the final), but today it paid off like no other time.

“Hand for the Hog” is always fun and not the most challenging piece, however, the ballad from Cinderella is more difficult with high pitches and tricky rhythms. So how did I approach this task? With much gusto and confidence. This allowed me to use my voice with the full potential and it worked.

With that said, I’ve always handled my songs like that so I’m still wonderfully surprised at what happened. I just hope I can keep that way for the next audition that comes around.


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