Why Do I Dream Such Things?

Last night I had one of the most bizarre dreams. Not only was the content weird, but it was in the fashion of an actual story, like a movie of sorts. I will now recount the tale, and I really hope I can get as close to the images and make as much sense out of this as I can.

It starts one day when

– Josh and I driving through “Old Town Park.”

– Come upon large “Southern” mansion in a suburban neighborhood. Much like Remington.

– Go in, charmed by their hospitality. The couches and chairs are incredibly comfortable.

– The family, however, is in great stress as their eldest son Robert has come down with a disease (probably Typhoid or TB).

– Robert is actually married to a beautiful girl but I can’t recall the face or name. Either way, she is another room suffering a nervous breakdown due to the imminent death of her husband.

– I’m in the living room when I hear the news that Robert has died. Immediately I go into the other room and the family has gathered around her as she is invalid on the floor wailing “Donna!”

– We see several of her admirers have joined her on the floor to comfort her. I myself have loved her and lay down beside her as she is soon to die.

– One lover, however, is Roger and somehow he is convinced that I had something to do with her death and out of jealousy and rage makes it very clear that I am not welcome.

– I walk into the living room again and I see that some of the family are holding a large leather sheet, fashioning a new cover for one of the chairs. It is a tan color and I realize what is going on. They us human skin to upholster their furniture.

– The matriarch indeed explains to me then that it is just their family members who die. That way they can forever still be apart of the home.

– I realize I have to get out of there but they wont let me. I know  too much so they intend to do the same to me.

– They are holding on to me but I manage to break free and fly out the front door running down the long driveway.But as I’m running away I see Max running towards the house with a great passion welling in his eyes. I know he is running in there to save the girl but I know it is too late. I yell to him, “Don’t go in there! It’s a horror house!” I meant to say “house of horrors” instead.

– And just as Max enters the house Roger comes out brandishing an aluminum baseball bat. I’m by a big black truck so I duck and cover as Roger swings at me and everything comes out.

“You know, I think I always hated you!”

“I know that! You’ve always been jealous, never congratulated me, you’re a mooch, etc.”

– He keeps missing so I grab the bat and try to hit him now. Of course, he’s got another one and keeps blocking me. When I have him on the ground, however, he gives up, apparently realizing I’m right. It’s now dark, by the way.

– At this point the truck is now my car and I see Max, Armando, and Josh come running down the driveway. I get in my car and let them in of course. But instead of immediately driving away I start messing with the air conditioning, etc.

– I soon yell fuck when the crazy family is suddenly trying to get in my car. Coming from below the car windows I hear a thud and a bright light. That’s when I hit the gas, but I realize I have the car in 2nd drive so we’re going really slow. I soon fix it and really fly down the road.

– For some inexplicable reason though we begin to slow down until we stop. We still have plenty of gas so I figure that the family had done something to the mechanics.

– Then Armando and Josh enlighten me to Knipps. I say, “what?” and they recall the story that Roger had told everyone in the beginning. That he was confronted by an attacker one day who was going to cut off his hand but Roger pleaded that he’ll need his nipps (as in finger tips). The attacker therefore spared his hand and agreed that he’ll give him Knipps when he needs them.

– Well the “nipps” that the attacker promised was a man named Johnny Knipps and it was he who had come out the car, emitted the light, and somehow screwed up the car.

– Meanwhile, the car stopped completely and we realized that we couldn’t get away.

And then I woke up.

This are just the bullet point, of course, of what I can actually remember. Soon I will put them together with literary elements and pieces I’ll have to make up to turn it into a short story. I just didn’t want to forget any now.


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