A Dream Worth Documenting

Dear Journal (blog?),

The other night I experienced a whole slew of vivid dreams. These included the horror-story that was my previous entry, but also one other one that was far shorter but still just as powerful.

The details of the setting are actually pretty difficult to explain but the lighting had a yellow hue and I was in a casual suit. I was in a hurry to get somewhere and I ascended this staircase/ elevator thing into another room.

There in the room was a nurse and Jaynee, who looked extremely bloated- like a blimp, but in any way cartoonish. The reason was that she was pregnant. I ran up to her and kissed and made sure that she was ok, and then the nurse told me that it was time to deliver. In the end, it was discovered to be twins, explaining the large weight gain.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought having babies was a joyous occasion? This dream, despite the circumstancesĀ  and despite it involving my love, seemed wrong. The atmosphere was almost sickening and even when I reached Jaynee in the bed, our reunion seemed un-momentous and lukewarm.

I just thought that this too, was a dream worth documenting.


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