A Time of Chaos… A Land of Destruction

A YOUNG MAN sits idly on a pier, overlooking a far reaching lake on a quiet summer day. There is a slight breeze coming off the water. First he glances at his watch nervously- something is clearly troubling his mind. He then turns behind him to see a car parking in the distance. For a moment the scene is motionless until a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN steps out of the passenger side. She too is apprehensive as she begins the long walk towards the Young Man. 

The Young Man watches her approach until she finally reaches him. They stand in front of each other now, as old friends now seperated by time and space. Clearly they were once passionate lovers but now they neither know what to say or where to begin. Ultimately the tension is too much to bear and the Young Man can no longer quell the emotion inside and begins to weep unabashedly. The Beautiful Woman, however, does not stir. Although equally affected, she remains stoic and resolute. Opening her mouth she now speaks with a quick tongue, afraid the words will release her own torrent. 


You had said we don’t have anything in common. I took you for someone greater than fool-hearted excuses.

The Young Man looks up. 

How dare you go back on that now?

The Young Man, with anguish in his eyes and pain in his voice, knows that his next words are crucial. 


I was lost… the call of battle… my farewell was meant to spare you my almost certain death… If I’da known the miracle God had planned for me.. If I’da known I would emerge from four years in Hell unscathed… Mary, please!

He cannot continue and despite himself, buries his face in the warm refuge of her bosom. The Beautilful Woman does not resist and quietly begins to shed tears of her own. 


You did what you thought best in a time of chaos and land of destruction, still so recent that it hardly seems real at all… You made a choice, Jefferson, and you must now accept those terms and conditions. Come now, wipe those eyes clean, stand proud, and live with no regret- For it will bury you quicker than any cannon…

The Young Man dutifully abides and in a heated display of passion he kisses her for a final time. However much she may wish to recipricate, the Beautilful Woman knows the respect she owes herself and quickly disengages the Young Man’s embrace and strides away back to the car. 

The Young Man now watches as another Gentleman gets out of the driver side and opens the door for the Beautilful Woman. After the vehicle disappears from view, he turns his sight back towards the horizon of the lake and all the mysteries therein.


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