Dreamlands2- Screenplay



A YOUNG MAN is inside a house. He is nervous. He is scanning everyday objects and going in-and-out of drawers, closets, etc. We quickly realize that he does not belong in the house and is looking for something to steal. He is not a professional thief, however, but rather a teenager reluctantly carrying out a dare to prove he is not “chicken.“ Real expensive things such as televisions and laptops are too big to run back with. No, it has to be something he can conceal in his jean pockets. Suddenly, while looking through a chest of drawers, the young man stops cold. A presence is felt and a loud crash is heard off camera. Of course, the young man is panicked and runs out of the house.

Chasing him, however, is the PRESENCE. The Presence is never seen chasing him. From time to time though, we see the young man frantically running for his life from the Presence’s P.O.V.


The Young Man runs out the front door.

[POV- Presence] Following Young Man down the road. The Presence suddenly stops when the Young Man runs on to a baseball diamond and trips. The Presence prowls and slowly approaches the man, who is slow to get up.

While getting up the young man notices that he has fallen onto a quote written into the dirt. It says, “Let me tell you, Cassius, you yourself Are much condemned to have an itchy palm…” After reading this the young man looks up to see the presence fall upon him. We see a monstrous shadow rise and before he can scream, he is destroyed.



My influences for this one are predominately Evil Dead, An American Werewolf in London, and the TV series Night Visions.


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