A Time I Helped My Mom (RI #4)

Original Date: November 14, 2000

Style: Non-Fiction

Score (1-5): 4/ 88 B

When my mom was sick me and my brother had a big responsibility. Me and my brother had to take care of her.

I had to ansewer the phone for her because she was in bed. I liked it when my dad or grandma called. I would talk to them and then surrender it to my mom.

Then my mom wanted lunch. We ask what she wanted. “I want a chickin pattie with orange juice please” she told us “Okay” we replied. “Thankyou” she called to us as we darted to the freezer. We took out the bag the directions said cook for one minute and forty-five seconds. Then we pourd a glass of orange juice wich was as yellow as three suns. Then we gave the lunch to her. “Thank you” she said. When I was leaving the room I noticed the t.v. remote was on the floor. I gave it to her.

Taking care of my mom was fun. But I’am glad now that my mom is well. Because whos gonna take care of me and my brother!


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