Chicago, IL

It’s no suprise to most people that I want to end up in the Windy City after I graduate, I’ve been talking about it for a while now. However, that doesn’t stop most of them from saying, “What? Why? It’s so cold! Like freeze-to-death, Siberia, blizzard, Eskimo cold!” Adversely, anyone who knows anything about theatre will say, “Excellent choice. Just know that it gets cold. Like freeze-to-death, Siberia, blizzard, Eskimo cold.”

Perhaps I exaggerate.

Perhaps I have eleven toes.

The point of the matter is that Chicago has been calling me a long time and I am bound and determined to heed the call.

First and foremost as an actor, Chicago is tops when it comes to theatres in a city. Of course it is not Broadway, but it boasts theatres like Steppenwolf, the Goodman, and the Second City (with dozens of others) that not only export to New York stages all the time but are friendlier to hardworking actors trying to establish themselves. I’m not going to kid myself into thinking I break into such acclaimed companies right off the bat, but I feel like I would have a better shot in Chicago than anywhere else.

Which brings me to my second point, while working as a young actor, I can’t think of a better cultural scene to immerse myself in. You have to understand that I’m a small town kid and have travelled to a major city (NY and London) all but twice in my life. Since I’ve been in college and in Orlando, I’ve been craving so much more. The first things I’m doing when I move there is to see ballgames at both Wrigley and U.S. Cellular Field, find some blues joints, check out all the museums, etc. Also, when it is cooler I can wear suits and not be sweating my balls off!

Even before I wanted to be an actor the city was always in my life. Every single one of my favorite comedies seemed to be set in and around Chicago (Vacation, The Blues Brothers, Ferris Bueller, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Home Alone, Wayne’s World, etc.) One of my biggest early influences as an actor was the Second City and the Saturday Night Live talent it produced (John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Chris Farley, etc). So really, I see it as a matter of time until I came around. Oh, and of course my girlfriend is from there! Done. Case closed.

But really what it comes down to is that I need to fly far away from Central Florida (as much as I love it, and I do!) and I think Chicago, IL is just the city I can see myself landing in.

3.5 Essay done!


One thought on “Chicago, IL

  1. I can’t wait to see where your life takes you, and I think you will do very well in Chicago. I’m proud of you and your accomplishments, and it is really great to see you living out your dreams. Count me as one of many who are rooting for you in your pursuit of your craft! Go get ’em!

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