Real American Heroes

My fellow Americans,

In light of the recent political scene that is rapidly engulfing our nation for the next year, I find it appropriate to reconnect with our past and look at the Presidents who actually did great things. These men achieved their administrative agendas, stuck to their guns in spite of political backlash, passed executive orders when shit needed to get done, and successfully willed their visions of a strong and unified America into being. If any one of these guys came back they would find a country sorely in need of their leadership.

George Washington

 Of course Washington was the first President, and in being so, had a unique opportunity to do what other presidents wish they could- set precedents. What made Washington remarkable was that he had the chance for everything he could ever dream of, however, he rejected such titles as “Your Majesty” and “Your Excellency” and insisted on being called “Mr. President.” To have someone in office today with such a humble attitude and strong moral fiber, while still being able to push your agenda forward would be miraculous. Shunning the idea of political parties, he wouldn’t be swayed by lobbyists or one side of the aisle over another. He would simply do what he thought neccessary to make American great.



Andrew Jackson

 Now Andrew Jackson is remarkable because he was truly a no BS president. If something needed to get done, it would get done without Congress standing in the way to muck it up. Now thet may sound rather extreme, but sometimes a president needs to step up and issue those executive orders or else nothing is ever going to be accomplished. When South Carolina wanted to break away from the Union in 1832, Jackson stopped that notion real quick. He also got rid of the Federal Bank and put it into the private sector and believed that the States and people could be entrusted with more powers (to an extent) that they had been given credit for. He was a true man of the people who loved nothing more than the United States of America, and our country loved him back just as strongly. Were some of his ideals controversial? Sure. But they were neccessary evils in order to bring prosperity to our land, and shape America into the power it soon became.



Theodore Roosevelt

Now this is the guy we could use these days. Teddy was a Republican, but unlike the Republican presidents before him, he decided that big business had gotten way out of hand. Businessmen and their companies seemed to weild more power than the actual government all of a sudden! Now, any Republican today would tell you that Washington should lay off of Wall Street and let the engine run itself. But anybody with common sense would say that there has to be a point when enough is enough and the President is in fact leader of the country. Would you believe that Roosevelt was such a Republican? What he was trying to do was move the GOP forward and later became a leader of the Progressive Party. However, he was not about to let people push him around. Teddy’s foreign policy was a major buildup of our military but only to deter, never to draw first blood. Afterall, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for ending a war! And last but not least, he realized the importance of conservation and founded the National Park System which is, perhaps, the greatest treasure we as Americans enjoy today.




Abraham Lincoln

Oh, you knew Honest Abe was on the list. I like to think of Lincoln as embodying attributes from all the aforementioned presidents- the moral integrity of George, the no BS attitude of Andrew, and the common sense of Theodore. It takes a special kind of person to lead a country through a civil war, and have plans of peace and goodwill towards the rebels. In the wake of his assassination, Lincoln was called the South’s best friend, for those plans that went with him to the graves. As a politician before the White House, he was an elequent speaker with tremendous foresight into what lay ahead, and didn’t wait for the shit to hit the fan before doing somthing about it. The first Republican, who would share little in common with today’s Tea Partiers, he honestly believed that all men were created equal and everybody deserves a world without judgement and hate. It is for this reason, that Abraham Lincoln is our greatest president, and why he is the preeminent model to which our congressmen, governors, and president should look up to.


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