That Old Devil Moon

Your name speaks volumes.

Character, poise, and thought

Are all revealed by a whisper and a smile.

What rivals your beauty is the passion that flows from your grace.

Words are powerful tokens of your self-esteem.

Where does that leave me?

I worship such daring emotion and brazen beauty,

So that my heart is filled with the same elixir of life

And inspiration to achieve what you have done.

Your eyes scream with love and scorn; contempt and caring;

Passion for compassion is the trademark of your life!

To know you would be a blessing and an education

In the ways of humanity and our craft-

Our craft that calls us to the stage

And empowers us to become better versions of ourselves.

It’s this art and dream of crazy passion that calls me now to you.

For in you, I see the stage, and all destines, of life in all its forms,

Oh girl, you have so much to teach me and I am yours to teach.

Whether now or next year, or on a windswept Broadway

When we’re too old to truly care.

This is my proclamation to you:

If you feel the same,

Then we will begin the conversation from there,

And see where our destinies, passions, and art takes us.


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