Atlanta Campaign, 2012

This past weekend I found the completely new in the (what I thought) was the totally regular. I took a weekend trip to Atlanta, Georgia with one of my best friends, Terrance Jackson, and together we saw a lot of pretty interesting sights. First of all, I gotta say that Atlanta is like no other town I’ve ever been too. And for arguments sake, I will consider New York City and London in their own categories because, let’s face it, no other city can compete.

So therefore, Atlanta was totally awesome with its own unique vibe and culture. I have never seen a city in the South with so many skyscrapers before, with so many theatres, and so much history. Following the main strip, Peachtree Street through downtown, you can take all of this in and more. The Fabulous Fox Theatre’s marquee was glowing, restaurants were alive, and the buildings were loomed above like canyons. The only thing I will say though is that driving through this metropolis is a nightmare for the rookie traveler but after so many trips into the fray, I got used to it (somewhat).

However, the trip obviously started before then at a place I like to call Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, where we picked up a dozen hot and fresh for the road and then we hit that road for all of eight hours. Now what happened on this drive? I witnessed something I have ALWAYS dreamed of beholding- the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile- as it headed south on I-75. I almost cried because somehow I missed it coming and only caught it in my rear mirror…. we will meet again one day, Wienermobile.

We arrived in Atlanta, a town I had only driven through before- never stopped, and made camp at the humble abode of Terrance’s cousin’s house. They live a little ways outside the city, but it was still a quick drive into the downtown metro area. That night we did indeed drive into the city to visit the reason why we were there in the first place- the audition at the Georgia Shakespeare theatre company. Terrance had an audition and I was willing to drive him up because there was always a chance that I could also audition. Well, of course Fate has a funny way of doing things and that’s just what happened! They were able to squeeze me in the next night, right before Terrance.

Anyways, after our look-see around the theatre, we then traveled down Peachtree and took in the sights and sounds of downtown Atlanta. The aforementioned Fox and a trumpet player on a street corner! It was all just really cool, but unfortunately, after such a long day of travels, Terrance and I were both really bushed and really just wanted to get back to our rooms and sleep a long slumber.

The next day, on Sunday, we pretty much just relaxed at his cousins house and prepared for our auditions. However, we did take a drive around a neighborhood of the city called Buckhead, where all the rich people live, and man the houses that I saw there just blew me away. Unbelievably large and gorgeous homes. Also that day, I had dinner at the house with them and enjoyed some very good southern cooking.

Finally, that night we had our auditions at Georgia Shakespeare and I gotta say that it went really well for the both of us and we were very confident leaving the theatre. But we both know all too well that nothing is assured until we hear from them so we will see.

The next morning on Monday, we embarked out of Atlanta but not before visiting the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site on Auburn Street. This was definitely the greatest thing I saw on this trip, because I never knew it was there. The childhood home he was born/ grew up in, Ebeneezer Baptist Church where he preached, a museum of course, and a reflection pond where Dr. King and his wife, Coretta, are entombed with an eternal flame. It was all very awe-inspiring and special to take in and I was truly touched by it all. I highly recommend the site for anyone visiting Atlanta.

After that, we got back on the road and six and a half hours later arrived safely back in Orlando, glad to be home, but thankful for all we had accomplished and seen on our weekend roadtrip.


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