Prison Bird

There was a day in 4th Grade that I will remember forever, simply because I would call it one of the worst days of my elementary career. It was awful from the start, filled with so much anxiety that my nerves were sure to do me in.

What happened was that my 4th grade class at Lakeview Elementary in St. Cloud, FL was taking a field trip to St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States. I wanted to go so badly, but my mom was quick to point at that we had just been as a family not long before so there was no need to have me going again.

OK, that’s fair enough, but my mom still sent me to school! But… but… my class wasn’t there. No matter. I coudn’t stay home alone so my mom set it up with the principal that I would sit in with another class for that day.

So there I was sitting in this other class, a 3rd grade class mind you, totally embarrassed and a nervous wreck. It’s not like I had any work to do so I sat quietly off to the side and drew this parrot:

Just recently I discovered the note I had written on the back:

It reads: So far boring write now as I am writeing I just drew a few drawings. I’ am scared and nervous. I don’t no what to do. “Help me God” I say those words ever so often.

That’s an actual quote from a fourth grader, who, like a prisoner in the Bastille, was hoping someone would find the note and come to his rescue. Alas, that was not the case and what ended up happening was that I went to the bathroom and whilst in there I heard the class filing into a line to go to lunch.

I was mortified! I would have to go to lunch? Away from my cozy corner and have to interact?

I stayed in the bathroom.

The entire lunch time.

Of course the teacher was a little confused and a tad annoyed, but hey, I shouldn’t have been in that spot in the first place! Thanks Da for the most embarrassing day of my life!


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