The Monster

Built from the scraps of something beautiful

Of something once vibrant, is my love for thee now.

Perhaps we can build a sane body anew?

As for that love of opprobrium- last year it flew.

Now a hollow cavernous body that love now inhabits,

Residing in blessed turmoil.

Because I reach out

Because I cry out

Because you judge me before you even listen.

Two bullets now reside in my heart,

One for each time we had a new start.

Now, however, the lead begins to poison me;

Making me sick in the head while the fire consumes my heart.

Karloff I can be, but don’t treat me like the Monster.

My intentions are honest, if misunderstood.

Alls I want is a friend, a companion, a bride.

For that reason my love will never truly hide.


July 7, 2009


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