I’ve Been Everywhere…

Here is a list of the all the major cities I have spent significant time in, with a population of at least 100,000. The numbers in parentheses are the city’s ranking in the USA.


New York, NY (1)

*London, UK

Philadelphia, PA (5)

Jacksonville, FL (10)

Memphis, TN (20)

Boston, MA (21)

Washington, DC (25)

Nashville, TN (26)

Milwaukee, WI (31)

Atlanta, GA (40)

Minneapolis, MN (46)

New Orleans, LA (51)

Tampa, FL (53)

Cincinnati, OH (64)

Buffalo, NY (72)

St. Petersburg, FL (77)

Orlando, FL (78)

Tallahassee, FL (125)

Providence, RI (132)

Fort Lauderdale, FL (140)

Hollywood, FL (173)

New Haven, CT (192)

Gainesville, FL (201)

Charleston, SC (208)

Clearwater, FL (247)

Lowell, MA (248)

FL (9) MA (2) NY (2) TN (2)


Based on hospitality, transportation, and a “good times” atmosphere.

Boston, MA

New York, NY

Minneapolis, MN

Washington, DC

Nashville, TN

Tampa, FL

Milwaukee, WI

Atlanta, GA

Philadelphia, PA

Cincinnati, OH

Clearwater, FL

Charleston, SC


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