Good Reads by Year


The Devil in the White City Erik Larson (10/13 – Can’t wait to go to Chicago next week and see these places for myself!)

The Galvanized Yankees Dee Brown (4/18 – Ready to make the documentary now)

The Revenant Michael Punke (2/27 – Now I just want to eat buffalo tongue and be a frontiersman)

The Wendigo Algernon Blackwood (2/11)


Frankenstein Mary W. Shelley (11/27 – audiobook, but so good to go back to it.)

The Martian Andy Weir (10/4- a good read. Can’t wait for the movie!)

The Last Full Measure Jeff Shaara (6/4)

At the Mountains of Madness H.P. Lovecraft (3/27)


A Farewell to Arms Ernest Hemingway (6/30)

Letters from an Actor William Redfield (5/26)

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt Edmund Morris (Good Read- 4/16)

Rough Riders Theodore Roosevelt (January 2)


The Call of the Wild Jack London

Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck


Gods and Generals Jeff Shaara

My Wicked, Wicked Ways Errol Flynn

The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald

The First Men in the Moon H.G. Wells

The Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway

The Killer Angels Michael Shaara

Catch-22 Joseph Heller

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  Mark Twain

Year of the King Antony Sher


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