Amelia Island

Original Date: November 30, 2000

Style: Non-Fiction

Score (1-5): 3.5/ 85 B

One last summer I went on vacation to Ameila Island. It was excellent. Because I found shark teeth. We stayed at Ameila Mote. There was a small reafridgeorator, a t.v., and to beds.

After we got unpacked me and my brother were yelling “mom” “mom!” “can we go to the beach please”. “Okay” my dad said. On the way there we noticed a water slide and Go Kart rides. When we got to the Beach I imedeantly started looking for shark teeth. I found a bunch from tiny ones to huge ones.

When me and my brother were digging for teeth two little girls came and helped for a while when they left my brother went and told are mom something. Then I got up to see what we was saying. But when I got up I discovered I was sitting on a shark tooth! The biggest one I had found. “Mom!” “mom!” “look” I told her. “Wow” she replied. “Brilleant Vincent” my dad said.

After that I went shark teeth crazy. I decided to look where all of the big shells were hoping I would find big teeth. And I did I found a 5 cm tooth I think it belonged to a rare Goblin Shark. Then I decided to take a swim. But that dident last long because I found a fossil of a Sting Ray barb.

“Time to go” my mom said. “Cant we stay a little longer” I pleaded. “No”! So we went to are motel room and stayed for two more days after those two days were driving the long drive from some where near Daytona to Kissimme. And I’m hoping we can go again someday.


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