Christmas Day

Original Date: January 5, 2001

Style: Non-Fiction

Score (1-5): 4/ 88 B

On Christmas Vacation came Christmas day. My favorite holliday. Me, my brother, my mom, and dad all got neat stuff for Christmas.

“Max!” “Max”! I whisperd to my brother to wake up. Finally what seemed like hours he woke up. We went into the living room we saw two big bikes! “I got a Mongoose bike” I said in a quivery voice then we raced into are parents room yelling “get up”! When they did me and brother raced back to the tree. Tore open presents as quick as a lizard.

After all the presents were unwrap me and my brother took are bikes out side and rode them like we were pros. Then we started playing with all are toys. Me and my brother played with the walkie talkie’s we each got. And we played with the of are other toys too.

Then it was dinner a whole bunch of company came. But really is just four people my aunt, two of my cousins, and my dad’s friend. Just before dinner my brother went to the bathroom while he was gone my dad’s friend took a sip out of my brothers eggnog. We had turkey, corn, stuffing, green beans, carrots and some more stuff. After we were done we rode are bike’s some more. And went to bed.

That was one of the very best Christmas’s next year I hope it’s even better for me and you and keeps on getting better and better.


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