Goals of a Child

Original Date: January 9, 2001

Style: Non-Fiction

Score (1-5): 3/82 C

Everyone set a goal atleast once in there life. These are some goals I’ve set. Getting strait A’s on my report card, improve at baseball, and to get over 200 baseball cards.

The first way I’m gonna get strait A’s is to improve at writing. Because I always get a B on writing. So if I improve at writing I’m an all A student. So that’s my first goal.

The second goal I’m trying to set is to improve at baseball. I can bat, throw, and run. but I have to improve at catching. I can catch but not very well. So I’m gonna have to practice catching to achiev my second goal.

The final goal I’m tring to set is to get over 200 baseball cards. I all ready have one hundred and something. And I have some good cards. Like Marc Mcgwire and Ken Griffy Jr.

Therefore you no my goals I’m trying to set. Get all A’s on report cards, improve at baseball and to collect over 200 baseball cards.



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