Universal Studios

Original Date: February 15, 2001

Style: Non-Fiction

Score (1-5): 5/ 94 A

One day me and my family went to Universal Studios it was one of the most exciting days I ever had.

“Mom mom!” “lets go!” we yelled. “Okay” our mom said. “Where do you want to go first”. “To the new Men in Black ride” me and my brother asked as we started dragging our mom off toward the ride. When we went in side it was crammed full of peaple. “Guess they wanted to come to I mumbled to myself. When we were next in line we still couldent get on because of technickel difficultys. When we did get on me and my brother started blasting aliens with the fake guns they gave us.

After that we went to the Back to the Future. It’s sort of like a 3D thing. There’s a guy named Butch he locks the doctor in the closet and he steals the time machine. The doc then lets us borrow his spare then we have to go back in time to find Butch and stop him.

The final thing we did was go to Jaws the ride. Your on a boat and the captain calls to another captain but he doesent ansewer so we go looking for him we found his boat half sunk! Then an eerrie feeling rushed over my body. Then out of nowhere the terror of the deep pops out of the water then “Bang!” The captain fires his rifle Jaws was dead.

That was my exciting day at Universal Studios. Hope I see you there soon.


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