A Little Nod to Paul Newman

“Acting doesn’t come natural to me. I’m very cerebral about it, unlike Joanne (Woodward), who is an intuitive actor. Acting to me is like dredging a river. It’s a painful experience. I simply do not have the intuitive talent. I worry about acting and constantly complain to myself about my own performance…and this doesn’t fall into the area of self-deprecation. I don’t know the things I have a gift for except tenaciousness…I never felt I had any gift at all to perform but it was something that I wanted badly enough so I kept after it.”

-Paul Newman

Paul Newman is one of my favorite role models. Not only is the man inspirational as an artist, but as a human being, teaching us the proper way to handle our successes in life. To give back to others, the children and the sick- the one’s who need the help of the fortunate. It is to this end why, ultimately I want to be an actor.

Paul Newman’s words here actually echo my own thoughts of what my “talent” is, as I suspect is true for most of the people who practice the craft.

Key word: practice.


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