Spielberg Dream

I have just woken up to my second dream about meeting Steven Spielberg in the past week. This is crazy for two reasons: 1.) I’ve never had a dream about Steven Spielberg and 2.) I don’t have a reason to dream about Steven Spielberg. I mean, yes, he is my all time favorite director, I love every one of his movies, and my real life dream is to meet him, but I actually haven’t watched a movie of his in a while. It is all very interesting and I hope insightful to my future as an actor.

So the dream went like this…

My brother, Max, and I are at a football game and I see that Steven Spielberg is also in attendance. In fact, he is sitting in the next section of bleachers so I take a deep breath and walk over to meet him. At first, it is only a hello and then I go back to my seat. Not a total defeat but I was wanting a little more so I got the nerve to back.

When I did this I saw that Max was already sitting next to him and unlike before the entire row of bleachers he was sitting on was empty, save for him and Max. Well, now, I had to sit down and Steven was more than pleasant.

While sitting there we began to chat about the first thing that would pop into my head, being that I am the biggest fan of Jaws in the world, and I had to thank him for making it. He laughed and really engaged in conversation about it, saying he wonders why the Jaws films don’t do so well in England. I remember finding that strange. I thought, really? I’m sure I’m not the first fan to do this. But anyways, I was about to bring up Jurassic Park 4 when the location of the dream switched up on us.


Now Max, Steven Spielberg, and I are at Universal Studios (of course) and we’re getting on the NEW Jaws ride. In the “boat” or whatever, Me and Max are sitting in front of Spielberg and the ride, quite frankly, isn’t that good. To replace the warehouse portion, we’re taken inside some Indian palace, going in and out of doors, with a dancing woman. This was very protracted and boring even when I realized that this was from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. But still, it didn’t fit with Jaws and even Spielberg knew it.

So we get off the ride and the park has this dumb rule where once you’re off the ride you have to leave that section. Like a loitering type of thing. Max leaves but I’m taking my time because, hey, I don’t even know where I’m going yet.

I’m putting on my jacket while saying to the attendant (who is rushing me) “Can I get a little bit of time. I don’t even know where I’m going yet… I’m 21 years old, I can look after myself.” To which she replies, “I don’t want to debate this.” But I’m thinking, “Hey, I’m friends with Steven Spielberg and he basically owns Universal Studios and he would close you down if he wanted.”

Anyways, I’m still there when Spielberg finally walks in off the ride and I go up to him and shake his hand, thanking him for the wonderful time. He then says, “Next time you should get a picture.” Well then! I run and call to Max to come over with his cell phone to do just that. I say, “Actually, we have to leave now but would you mind taking a picture with each of us?” To which he replies with a strained look on his face. I can tell that he’d rather not have an informal picture of himself with a couple of fans, fearing the Pandora’s Box that would result. Quickly, I let him know that an autograph would do just fine and he smiles and says much better. The only problem there was that I was so mad that I didn’t have a copy Jaws or some sort of picture and had to settle with him signing my ticket.

The last part of the dream then became like an epilogue at the end of a movie where the narrator explains what happened later. What happened was “And while we weren’t Facebook friends, we did become Off-Facebook friends.” And then I showed some sort of receipt for a membership to Spielberg’s own gym that stated “2 Months Admission with Money and Q&A Session.”

The last thing I remember thinking before waking up was that I would pass that Q&A session with flying colors.

So there you have it folks- quite the dream, eh?

And maybe one day it might come true…


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