Bill Murray Dream

After discussing Hyde Park on Hudson.

Vincent: “…I’ve just gotta tell you… Ghostbusters was boring and Caddyshack was shit. And don’t even get me started on… (going to say Groundhog Day).

Bill: “What? What?”

Vincent: “Hyde Park on Hudson.

Bill: (laughs) “Oh, low blow!”

So that was part of a dream I had last night where, after some award ceremony, I met Bill Murray and we ended up talking back at his house. Things were a lot awkward at first because I didn’t want to just be another fan and I could tell he was just being polite and listening to me gush out my favorite movies.

We did talk about Hyde Park on Hudson and then he really seemed to open up, blaming the producers for it’s public failures. I thought about (but didn’t mention) the comparison between him playing FDR and Daniel Day-Lewis playing Abraham Lincoln.

It was later in the afternoon when he started to open up more and we had that exchange from above. I then got super excited and asked him about what it was like on Saturday Night Live and how I just wanted to pick his brain and know everything. He got pretty excited too and went to the fridge to get a couple beers and while he was gone, I got a call from Jaynee asking when I’d be home. Well, I had to tell her that it could be late because I was with Bill Murray.

Then Max showed up and I ushered him inside so he could also meet Bill.

I don’t remember anything else after that, but it was certainly an awesome dream!


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