Throwing Fruit Into the Sky

Trying to find my way,

Through a sea that knows no name.

Where the waves rise high,

And the crests crash deep.

Plunging into the darkness.

Plowing through the fish.

Shooting through the stars.

Seeking to land on a wish.

A wish to the sun, that my fortunes be made-

But lost it I have, to a sloth in the shade.

To emerge from the tree and into the light,

Is to find a new hope- a new will to fight.

The juice of the fruit of the Creation must be sucked,

As do the dreams of your youth must be plucked,

Before they succumb to the rot and are totally fucked.

You’ve gotta take that fruit and hold it high,

Before throwing that fruit into the sky.

Aim for the big ball of fire suspended in the dark,

And if you’re strong enough, it will land in the light.


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