A man, JAKE, is mowing his yard. Another man, CHARLIE, parks a car across the street and walks over to him. It is a long walk. Finally Charlie reaches Jake, who cuts the mower. Charlie needs to say something but his having trouble. 

JAKE: Mornin’ Charlie.

CHARLIE: Something’s happened.

JAKE: That’s not true.

CHARLIE: The committee voted last night.

JAKE: I know.

CHARLIE: Something’s happened.

JAKE: Charlie, nothing happens in this town, no matter how many votes there are.

CHARLIE: We’re in trouble.

JAKE: Go home. We’ll talk Saturday.

CHARLIE: It’ll be over by then! You’ll be finished.

JAKE: I need to get this done before it get’s too hot.

Charlie is about to argue more but knows Jake too well. He turns and walks away dejected and angry. Before he gets into his car he turns and yells back. 

CHARLIE: I warned you not to do it! We’ve all lost because of you!

Charlie’s voice is then drowned out by Jake starting up the mower again. 




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