The Worry-Free Years

Let me tell you first of all, that I am someone who cannot wait for the future to get here. I also am thoroughly enjoying my present. However, the past is so sweet sometimes that it is hard to not get caught up in it.

I am twenty-two years old now and I’m taking my first furtive steps into the rest of my life. A time where I will be tried and tested like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Knowing what of lies ahead just begs me to remember the times I left behind not so long ago.

The days of my youth living on 5 Idora Blvd where I had no friends in the neighborhood but my brother Max and all our pets- Winston, Thomas, Gonzo, Charlie, T.J., Christina, Benjamin, Momma and Poppa Duck (a.k.a Quackster) and the Brood (Banjo, among others).

Those days when life really was so much simple because, hey, you were a kid and while the summers were long and at times boring, there was no greater time of year. I didn’t worry about girlfriends, money, or…. the future! No, things were really nice growing up in the same house for eighteen years.

Anyways, that’s just where I’m at this night as I contemplate all the responsibilities and concerns I hold on my plate now. And while I will always grow further from those years, I will always remember them soooo fondly. I miss them and I think that’s okay because when nothing else is going your way you can look back when everything did.


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