Thoughts on Subbing Second Grade

In the past two weeks I became a substitute teacher and it just so happened that my first three jobs were second graders; two days with one class and one day with another. Now, I will tell you that second grade can be either hyper or subdued, depending on when recess is and the phase of the moon. I can also tell you that second grade was the year I was sent to the principle’s office- twice- for fighting. Who’d a thought, right? Well, that’s the grade level for you and in my three days teaching the tikes, I learned that while the technology in the classrooms keeps changing (chalkboards and overhead projectors are gathering dust somewhere with a dodo’s fossils) the kids are still very much the same.

Here are some observations I made:

– Any child will cry. Anywhere. At a moment’s notice.

– Once a band-aid is administered, that child will stop crying. Instantly.

– Never open the floor to the children. They will immediately talk about everything but the issue at hand.

– With that said, ignoring a child’s off-topic question, comment, or statement is okay. They do not have the attention span to truly notice or care.

– Lunch, Recess, and then Snack Time is the most illogical order of activities. It is impossible to a get a child to settle down after this 1-2-3.

“It rained 14 days in January and 6 days in February. How many more days did it rain in January than in February?” We find this by subtracting 14-6=8. It rained 8 more days in January. However, I second grader cannot comprehend this and because of the word “more” will ALWAYS (and I repeat ALWAYS) add the numbers together.

– They are like dogs and respond to bells, whistles, and expect treats upon completing a task.

– spell “I-Cup” is still the funniest joke around.

– Soccer is by far everyone’s favorite sport. Followed by basketball, football, and baseball…

– Second graders are vicious. Even they make fun of Justin Bieber.

– They are very curious about the world they live in and are easily entertained by a globe.

– Story time is what they look forward to the most.

– Most, believe it or not, are very nice and smarter than you will ever think.



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