Spawn of a Hurricane

This weekend I was rooting through some old keepsakes of mine when I happened upon a real treasure from my long-haired rocker phase of high school. Inspired by my brother who had just received a guitar for his birthday, I conspired to finally turn the dream of becoming a rock star into a reality. Could I play guitar? No. Could I play the drums? Heck no. Could I sing…? No, but damned if I wasn’t going to try.

It seems the only things I was okay at was having an imagination and putting pen to paper. Therefore, I came up with a real original name for our band, Hurikane, and I wrote a song aptly titled “Spawn of a Hurricane”.

Published here, for the first time, are the lyrics to that song and also understand that AC/DC was practically the only influence with this one.


Once upon a time I banged a dame,

I swore to the Lord that I was on the road to fame.

Gettin’ sick and tired of these two bit gigs,

Settin’ my sights a little higher, on to bigger things.


Cause I’m the spawn of a hurricane,

More explosive than a can of methane.

Creatin’ a flame that’ll put you to shame,

Don’t tell me your name I’ll tell you mine first,

Creatin’ a pressure inside till you burst.

Cause I’m the spawn of a hurricane.


Once upon a time I banged a dame,

A pretty blond who failed to mention her name.

The next morning I awoke with a crazy plan

That I, Vincent Hannam, would start a rock n’ roll band.



Unquenchable thirst

Unquenchable thirst

Unquenchable thirst


So there you have it, folks. That’s about as far as I, or Hurikane, ever got to realizing the eternal dream of being rockstars.



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