The Open Ended Adventures of A and B

A: Did you bring it?

B: What?

A: The thing.

B. Maybe.

A. What’s that supposed to mean?

B. What. It means maybe. Maybe it’s in the car. But I don’t know.

A. Fucking shit.

They go to the car. 

A. Well?

B. Let me see. (Rooting around in the car) Hey!

A. Do you have it??

B. Look!

A. It’s a pen.

B. Yeah, one of those anti-gravity pens they take into space.

A. That’s not it!

B. But I though I lost it! Astronauts, man.

A. Look for the fucking thing!

B. All right, all right…

A. Anything?

B. No, I checked everywhere.

A. Damn…

B. Sorry…

A. Not your fault. Just would’ve been nice to have by now.

B. Yeah… I can make you one if you like.

A. You can make me one of those?

B. Sure! Wait… One of those these?

A. B!

B. Sorry, I have a bad habit of getting peoples hopes up.

A. Ugh…

B. Want my pen instead?

A. Does it really work?

B. Look for yourself.

A. This is pretty cool.

B. Right? Got it at Goodwill.

A. What??

B. Astronaut Goodwill.


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