You’re What’s Wrong with the World: A Monologue

No, I’m not mad that you dumped me and left me for someone else. That shit happens every day to everyday people. What pisses me the hell off is the realization that the trust and love I held sacred for over three years was wasted on a superficial person with no desire to really live. How many times did I urge you to move out of your parent’s house and you said you can’t afford to. Fuck that, my brother ekes out a living in Brooklyn as a foodrunner. You live in Orlando with a salaried position and health insurance. It’s because you’re scared. Which is OK! Just admit it to yourself.  It’s OK to not know, I sure as hell don’t, but own up to it and don’t mask it with expensive clothes and fake tans. That kind of self-deception reads like bullshit painted on a wall. Like if Picasso actually used a bulls shit to paint Guernica. It stinks. And you don’t even get that reference, do you? I am so glad it ended as ugly as it did because now I know the world is full of mendacity (lying and liers) and I accept it. But I’ll be damned if I let it affect me. So be gone. Good riddance to you and your willful ignorance. Oh, and the tan? The clothes? In the long run shit gives you cancer and nobody cares.


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