A Return to the Dreamworld

Recently I have experiences a surge of vivid dreamscapes that are begging me to record them when I wake up. I hear them and here, now, I am doing my best to do so, starting with last night.

Last night (or rather, early this morning), I was dreaming that I was watching something on the Internet with Sami, laughing. It was very reminiscent of the summer we spent together but it was definitely in the world of today. Then the dream took a left turn into a very nice, casual lunch cafe in New York where I was meeting Alison, my actor friend from the Hangar. We were catching up and then I noticed some other Hangar folks sitting at a table nearby. People like John and Adam. They waved and THEN who did I see sitting at another table but my director, Stephanie. I saw her notice me but not get up at first. Eh, I let her do her thing but then I pretended to not notice as she stealthily walked behind me. She tapped my head and I was “surprised!” Again, it was just really pleasant to catch up with her and everybody else.

Now this morning, I woke up in pretty good spirits despite a rather high-stakes audition in just a few hours. Why did I feel so good? Well, the man I was auditioning for was an old face himself and someone I have had a relationship with for years now. Not to mention he himself knows Stephanie very well. I just woke up feeling as if that was a good omen.

Later on today, after my audition, I felt even better than I had in the morning! All the stress and everything I was worried about never followed me to that audition and beyond. Just like the dream, my real world experience was very pleasant and calming. Performance aside, I felt solid in my human connection with the auditioner and at the end of the day – tonight – I take enormous comfort that I am doing things right and whatever happens, I trust in God’s plan for me. It’s going to be A-OK.


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