THE TABLE, TV Show- Plot Synopsis

DISCLAIMER: This whole thing is based on a dream a had. That was two years ago! Whu!? *1/23/16


-The show is about a government conspiracy involving dinosaurs and the exiled President that hides in a prison mental ward, forming a team of super heores to take back the country.

-Starlord (a secret agent), the Ward (his gf and another agent), Ben from LOST (has telepathy and can control the Rex), a fast guy with a bike, and a mysterious girl are the team.

-The President, First Lady, Starlord, and Secretary of the Treasury were having a fun night discussing why JP 4 had been canceled. Starlord, “The government conspirist in me is ticking.” He can see the Geletic Universe- a bunch of info and pictures that pre-dates the Big Bang and explains this to the group. A noise is then heard and they all pull their guns. Nothing. Back to chatter when another is heard and now they all split up. The First Lady walks into a room to discover that one of her daughters has been dismbebered and strewn about the room. She screams and is also killed. The President meanwhile is upstairs while Starlord is downstairs with the Secretary. The Secretary shoots him in the shoulder. The president confronts this but when his other daughter walks in and is killed, he has no choice but to flee. He manages to escape and finds cover by committing himself to a mental ward at a prison. Not before he breaks into a pawn shop, however, and tries to rob it to get some money. (No, the door is left ajar- he’s the president not a common crook)

-At first, the President keeps to himself but is eventually confronted by The Warden who obviously knows and uses the pawn shop incident to blackmail him into confession.

-While there he befriends Star Lord, the Warden, and some other really fast guy on a bike. Being the inclusive man that he is, he invites another to hang out. A quiet man, when asked what he can do, declares, “I can control your Rex.” “Like, the Tyranasaurus.” “Your Rex.”

-This group now sits together at lunch and the other tables start getting jealous. They want to know how they can join this group (“Who’s your eighth?”) The President says that you need to be able to do something completely unique and bring something worthwhile. A girl says, “Like a super power.” The President says yes and knows he has found his sixth person.


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