The Most: 3

Screaming filled the room for the next forty-five minutes, with groans and cackles thrown in for good measure. Daniel never looked, never so much as peeped through is eyelids, but it did not matter. He was sure his imagination was far worse than the reality of Chris’s fate.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, the screams softened and the groans became whimpers. The torture was over.

The room remained silent, however, as Daniel slowly opened his eyes. Standing with her back still towards him was the beast. The woman who had abducted him and Chris all those nights ago and was now using them for her own sick pleasure. What is she doing? raced through Daniel’s mind as He was watching her fat, hulking frame contort itself over his friend. What the hell is she doing?? He wanted to scream, to ask her out loud but he knew it would remain unanswered. All he got for his questions was another cut somewhere on his body and depending on the questions the cuts got deeper.

Daniel sat there, tied up in his chair, and silently watched as the woman retreated from Chris. Daniel shuddered as he beheld the near-lifeless mass that was his best friend, now ravaged and torn apart so that made him almost unrecognizable. Daniel couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“What the fuck did you do him?”

She turned and Daniel threw up, he couldn’t help it. The woman faced him now with blood down her naked front, between her legs. Looking up, past her absurdly large tits he saw bits of meat and dried blood encrusted on her stupid face. The hair was long but matted to her shoulders with gore. She smiled at him. A dumb, almost goofy smile that burst with carnage as she produced a knife.

“No, please, I just want to know what you’re doing to him!

The beast took a heavy step towards him.

“Just one question.”



All it took was three steps and the woman was now slicing and dicing Daniel’s upper thighs. He closed his eyes again and could only imagine what she was doing to him.



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