Murder for Two, Please

As I continue to look back on the past year of work at Park Square I get really excited thinking about one show from the fall, Murder for Two. Running from the end of September until the start of November, it was the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit as it featured a classic whodunit involving two bumbling detectives trying to solve a murder that has taken place in the middle of an otherwise lovely dinner party.

While that plot line may sound familiar (Clue, anyone?), there were a couple of features that truly made the show remarkable: that it was a musical and that there were only two actors playing a bevy of characters! Nic Delcambre and Andrea Wollenberg pulled out the stops both in their wacky portrayals and toe-tapping abilities on the piano. They made it very hard to not enjoy the evening. The technical aspects really made the show as well, with gunshots and other surprises always keeping you on the edge of your seat.

I had actually seen Murder for Two  during its run Off-Broadway run at New World Stages in 2013. I remember it was raining and I ducked into this theatre largely to stay dry. Of course I enjoyed the show but certainly didn’t come away loving it. Fast forward a couple years and I had a completely different response to the show. Maybe because I was older, maybe because it wasn’t raining, or maybe even because Park Square decided to cast one of the roles as a female. Twas not the case in New York and Park Square was the first production to even think about what that would do to the dynamic of the duo. Personally, I loved it and think men-women partners in crime always add just enough extra awkwardness to keep a story delightful.

Apparently Richard Cook and the director, Randy Reyes, thought so two and clearly succeeded in giving such a fresh spin to a timeless scenario.


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