Lamp Light

Your eyes shimmered in the lamp light when I expressed my love,
Like two blue lakes swelling their banks,
On the cusp of flooding the space of time and night.
Perhaps the moon kept them at bay,
Perhaps the moon will open the gate,
Joining the lamp in illuminating the fight of two hearts
And reeling
In angst and delight.
You cozied up to me –
You touched my arm –
I promised to never do you harm.

To be continued…


Sonnet XVII

I could look at you all the live long day,
Like a twilight sky you’re never the same.
Swirls of color, whirls of light born in May,
To radiate the clouds with sacred flame.

When you laugh I love the twitch of your nose,
When you smile I love the plump of your face.
Your perfume is as sweet as any rose,
To smell it is to lose sense of time and place.

Once upon a time I dreamed of the moon,
Flying solo in a dark, starry sea.
The prophet foretold a Cancer in bloom,
Come June, I realized it was you and me.

Inspired by your eyes, your lips, cheeks and ears,
For you I write my first sonnet in years.



A Perfect Day in Minneapolis

Today was a perfect day in Minneapolis. I really felt like a “city kid”, just doing what he can to make his dreams come true while embracing the beauties of his current situation.

I guess the started last night when Mike, Gary and myself had a great not on the town. We went downtown of all places with pub passes in hand. Four free beers later we made our wat to Mike’s apartment where we watched Step Brothers into the night. Adding a “pop” to the evening was that just a half mile away, fireworks erupted over Target Field as the Twins pummeled the Diamondbacks 10-2.

This morning the fun continued when I met Ellen DeYoung for a… date! Well, a date-not-a-date-but really a date. We walked to The Egg and I diner, a few short blocks from my own apartment. A cozy establishment without the chrome frills of say a Denny’s, it feels more like a small town locals-only eatery. And eat we did! I had the everything omelette (no poppy-seeds, unfortunately) and she had some eggs, toast and hash-browns. We dined and chatted for well over an hour, the check sitting forgotten on the table between us. It was really nice getting to connect with her like that. It was also nice to be able to go on a date with someone I actually like and do feel connected to. 

We talked about our families and travels. Work, of course, and nothing seemed awkward or forced. Sure, there was the occasional lull as I took a nervous sip of coffee, but our eyes often remained on the other’s. I take it back, the occasional lull also occurred when I would find myself more than a little lost in her big blue eyes. I couldn’t help it! As she spoke I studied her long arms, her slender fingers. The way her soft hair perfectly framed her face. A soft shade of black, I found myself thinking about how refined she’ll look one day with a silver hair or two.

So we had a nice time. We laughed on our way back to my place and then discovering she had walked from her place, I asked if I could accompany her back. She relented and we enjoyed each others company for probably another half hour. Outsider her building we talked some and I asked her if she wanted to do this again… She said, “I think so”. I laughed. Well, we both did until she assuaged my fears with a solid, “yes. That would be great.” Or did she say awesome? I don’t remember the exact word, for my mind was already somersaulting. After we hugged and bid adieu, I walked the twenty minutes back to the Whiskey Room with my head a little higher and my step a little peppier.

I like her! What can I say? I think she’s beautiful and smart and charming and hilarious to boot. She’s well-read, loves good TV and movies and has a passion for theatre. She likes to travel but equally loves being home not doing a single fucking thing. An extroverted introvert, I believe, that I imagine bodes well for my temperament.

Then again, who knows? This isn’t going to be an overnight courtship, but I would like to see how well we do in fact mesh. I can’t help but think about Gina from the Bronx’s prophecy that I would find love in the time of Cancer. Ellen could be that as we found ourselves growing more fond of each other at the end of Romeo and Juliet and through the summer… Until there is reason to change course, however, I will respect Ellen’s trepidation as I will honor mine. Nonetheless, I would love nothing more than to hold her tight and kiss her to death, curled up on a couch watching the entire length of Seinfeld.

Following my lovely morning, I walked to Lake Calhoun and memorized a couple of monologues in the process. I stopped in Magers & Quinn, of course, and then found myself completely swept up in the beauty of summer. Down by the lake, the water was shimmering as dozens of sail boats lolled in the water. People were everyhwere walking dogs of all breeds and sizes. Yes sir, I decided then and there to play some baseball with friends.

Gary was busy, but Mike answered the call and toegther we tossed the ball a city park, indiscernable from the seemingly hundreds that dot the land. It was awesome. I will never not relish playing baseball in a city. Cars blaring, pedestrians looking on, and dogs barking just adds such a rich flavor to the already satisfying crack of a bat. Then after we sweated enough and downed some gatorade, we walked back and finished Step Brothers. Currently, I am on my futon making some noodles and cheese and reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, plotting my own pulp dreams and success in this theatre community. I also wonder, will Ellen text me tonight? Or tomorrow? Or will I have to be satisfied with waiting until Monday morning to see her smile? Whatever the case, it will be just fine.

So all in all it truly was a quintessential day for a city mouse. Barring the need to transport baseball equipment I walked every where. That is simply the best! Fuck man, I love where I live and I’m really really feeling good right now about my prospects. Theatre, acting, NTC, Ellen, friends, baseball, weather, apartment. Yup. Life is good today.


Also made the best joke today. Totally offered to “go Dutch” on the bill because you know… she’s Dutch.

Deleted Frankenstein Monologue

FATHER: Do you know how your mother and I met? We were about the same age as you and Elizabeth. Two kids who would run into each other in the fields or in the marketplace. Sure, it started as coincidence but then as I began to notice all the little things… The way her nose moved when she laughed or how blue her eyes would be in the sunlight… well, then I began to only pretend it was accident to run into her all the time.

5 Fringe Shows We Want to See This Year

  1. Weekend at Bernie Sanders’s
    Bernie Sanders is dead! But that won’t stop him (and his loyal band of Bernie Bros) from keeping his campaign for president alive! This madcap comedy asks (and definitively answers) the big questions about our democracy in just 45 minutes of HILLarity! But we won’t TRUMPet our own horn! We’re just CRUZin to victory!
  2. The Adventures of Moose Knuckle and Camel Toe
    Follow the amazing escapades of married superhero duo, Moose Knuckle and Camel Toe! Going through a rough patch, can they overcome their differences to get the evil Dr. Cumbersnatch? A classic battle of the sexes!
  3. Clam House Confessions
    When four women find themselves locked in a sex dungeon, what will they reveal and what will they keep hidden? Told in four interweaving monologues, Clam House Confessions aims to break down barriers by showing the strong females within us all.
  4. O.P.H.E.L.I.A.: Stands for Everything
    In her one woman show Cassandra Kempt (MFA YALE REP, PhD RSC, Professor Emeritus Moscow Art Theatre, BFA University of West Florida) combines Ophelia’s speeches with actual news reports from the Gaza Strip to create a portrait of the lives in struggle. Thanks to an exception from the Fringe Festival, the show will be given a special nine hour slot.
  5. Matt and Ben II: Jennifer Strikes Back
    Matt and Ben are back and this time they’re all grown up! But with great power comes great responsibility…Will they be able to resist the greatest temptation of all: THE HOT NANNY?? (**Please note: Matt and Ben II:Jennifer Strikes Back is not produced or related in any way to Mindy Kaling, Brenda Whithers, Matt Damon or Ben Affleck).
  6. The Boob Play: A Musical
    Who doesn’t love a great pair of hooters? Better yet, who doesn’t love guys objectifying them with songs such as “Knock, Knock, Knock. Who’s There? Titties!” and “Jumbo Magumbos No. 5”.

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